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Photography as art

Is this art?

To some, photography is simply not art, it’s just a case of pointing your camera at something and capturing an image which is already there. Of course, I am bound to disagree, after all I am a photographer, but more than that I would describe myself as a digital artist. Perhaps the answer to this contentious issue is found in another question – what is art? One answer can be found in that most modern of references, Wikipedia, which describes art as “the creation of images or objects”. Well it seems that photography meets that criteria. Perhaps more adequately, The Encyclopædia Britannica Online defines art as “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others”.

It’s this challenge, the exercising of the imagination to see a photograph where others do not and the application of skill to capture that image in all it’s beauty, that I attempt to meet every time I leave the house with my camera. This challenge isn’t simply to create a great photograph, but to capture a scene, whether it’s a panoramic landscape of a countryside view, a dramatic image depicting the power of the sea or a documentary style black and white photograph of people on busy city streets, that engages with the viewers emotions and inspires a response. I don’t attempt to define that response, rather simply to elicit one, for after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Website launch

Welcome to my new website!


Welcome to my website

After many years of sharing my photographic journey with the world through Facebook, I have been encouraged to take things one step further and offer my work for sale – as canvas wraps or photographic prints.

So here are my first offerings – an eclectic mix of subject matter, format and styles. Some artists and photographers like to produce work on particular themes or in a consistent format, but I’m not that kinda guy. I prefer not to be constrained in this way, but to be free to capture or create a great picture wherever and however I see it, and present those pictures in a way that shows each one off to its best effect.

I genuinely hope that you enjoy my work, that it brings some joy into your life and I welcome your comments.

Rich blessings!


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